Monday, December 7, 2009

    The importance of establishing good relations with customers

    At home business opportunity to remind all businesses and entrepreneurs who are busy selling or serving customers without thinking about the relationship with the customer, may be useful

    Who are our Customers?

    The question may be very simple. But try to convey such a simple question to some friends you? Do not be surprised if we get a less than satisfactory answer, or answers to each other are very different we might not even get a response at all. The answer to that question is actually a picture of how far we recognize our customers.

    Return to the original question, often cause us to miss the routine of our customers recognize. We looked at only those customers who buy our product or service. We never thought the customer was a very meaningful to us, so we need not recognize.

    Let us contemplate, in the morning if there was someone who bought the service / products of our company, have we tried to find out what's his name, where he lived, what he does, what problems it faces, what we can help. If the customers who come are the employees of a company / organization, have we tried to understand about the people in these organizations, what is the organization of business, what problems and what can we do?

    Perhaps what is stated above is something idealistic, but how can we will provide good service to someone or a group of people if we do not identify with either one person or group of people who will we serve it. Therefore, in order to win / reach customers and maintained, then the first step that must be passed is to understand who and how our customers. There's an old saying in Spanish: "to be a fighter against the bulls, first you must learn to be a bull".

    there are 3 groups customers

    1. Assertive customers, which is like a direct communication, and talk faster. They do not need many words, that they need is a responsive action, and fast.
    2. Customer oriented details. Customers of this type requires a lot of information before making a decision. We must explain everything in more detail but still without even speak ill of other companies.
    3. Customers who are relationship-oriented. In this type of customer, the relationship becomes a very important thing. For this type of customer our relationship with those who said so in their decisions to buy or not.

    from the three groups on the customer type, is already clear that we as providers of services or goods can not just assume the customer come to buy and need our services, but to us who need to maintain their relationship with him for the way our efforts later on, rather than only for a moment

    Wednesday, November 25, 2009

    Morinda citrifolia juice business

    Morning friends, on this sunny day setiya-business will tell you a little about fruit Morinda citrifolia juice (mengkudu juice) ,

    Long-course fruit Morinda citrifolia is known and quite a lot of other people do not find this because properties of Morinda citrifolia is itself the fruit of a drug can be various diseases from mild illness to severe levels of disease, such as kidney failure, liver, coronary heart disease and acid urat.buah Morinda citrifolia also in the believer can lose weight

    Because a lot of properties that people Morinda citrifolia processing into various products, one of them is Morinda citrifolia juice. Morinda citrifolia juice business continues to grow as more and more people are realizing benefits Morinda citrifolia juice.

    which became the topic today is to learn why the Home business Morinda citrifolia juice described as alternative as an option in home enterprise,
    we certainly know the importance of health and how much it costs expensive hospital care today,
    with the new and breakthrough public confidence will its efficacy Morinda citrifolia fruit, our time is that taking Transitional how fruit processing and marketing of this Morinda citrifolia,as well as changes in shape and smell of fruit originally Morinda citrifolia ugly, and a bad smell, became a potent drink as a medicine,

    as illustrated

    One of the juice business enjoy Morinda citrifolia is Philip P. Soekirno. Employers who resided in Jakarta is selling brand Morinda citrifolia Morinda juice.

    Philip went into business Morinda citrifolia juice business after his own feeling the benefits of this fruit juice.

    61-year-old businessman was never suffered kidney failure, liver swelling, coronary heart disease and high uric acid. At that time, Philip's life expectancy is thin. On the advice of the family, he was diligent Morinda citrifolia juice. The result, Philip disease gradually recovered. "Now, I live a normal life without any food abstinence," he said.

    After recovering, Philip learned how to process Morinda citrifolia be consumed wine. Fruit Morinda citrifolia including processed hard. Because, in the fruit there is a dangerous layer of wax. Moreover, this fruit has many seeds. "To cultivate Morinda citrifolia need room temperature about 10 degrees Celsius, so as not many fungi and bacteria grow," he said.

    Having mastered Morinda citrifolia juice processing techniques, beginning in 2007 Philip started his business. Capital of Rp 250 million from the People's Business Credit (KUR), Philip bought Morinda citrifolia processing equipment and opened outlets in Central Jakarta. Initially, he could only process 200 kg-500 kg Morinda citrifolia week. At that time, turnover USD 20 million per month.

    In fact Philip thriving business. Philip is now capable of processing 1 ton to 2 tons Morinda citrifolia per week. From there, Philip could have turnover of about USD 100 million per month. "Sales are good," said Philip sumringah. Philip claimed could get 60 percent margin of juice sales Morinda citrifolia

    Sunday, November 8, 2009

    Business Electronic Voucher AutoRefill

    Welcome to our site TiyoCell-Evoucher

    We provide refill service credit / voucher elektrik for pre-paid products from cellular operators in Indonesia, such as: Telkomsel, Telkom Flexy, Indosat, XL, Three, Mobile-8, Esia and others.

    This service we offer to you in electronic voucher business, namely by providing a stock of pre-paid vouchers from mobile operators such.

    With a relatively affordable capital and free registration fee, you have the opportunity to run a business vouchers for all kinds of electrical products that we offer vouchers.

    For further explanation, can be found on the system.
    If deemed still less, do not hesitate to contact us, either indirectly or directly to the Online Support.

    Please join and take advantage of this business opportunity with us

    Whit Price list Contac Us Ym ==>

    Sunday, November 1, 2009

    Much Profit from the oyster Mushroom Chips

    Year 2006 is the year of introduction and partner Mandy Tri Sugiatno Widiastuti with oyster mushrooms (Pleurotus ostreatus). However, in just three years, they managed to cultivate mushrooms and process into chips that generate millions of dollars of income.

    Induction was started when Mandy came into the race in District Wungu village, district of Madiun, East Java. There, the cultivation of oyster mushroom farmers become one of the race participants. After seeing and knowing that mushroom cultivation is easy and cheap, Mandy had her driven to the cultivation

    "Only the first try," said Mandy. Tri background is a graduate of the Free University majoring engine, Madiun. Mandy graduated from the Free University economics department, Malang. However, their ignorance about the cultivation of mushrooms is not an impediment.

    Log Dibelilah 200 bags (mushroom seed mix, sawdust, bran kawur lime, and fertilizer in plastic) for Rp 300,000. Bag log then arranged in kumbung (mushroom houses) berdindingkan woven bamboo covering 42 square meters, in addition to his home in RT 29 RW 3 JATIROGO, Kresek, Wungu District, Madison County.

    Only by flushing clean water every day, white mushrooms grew in every bag log. Within a month, mushrooms can be harvested. Fungus was kept up until four to five months later, before then bag a new log should be replaced.

    White mushrooms harvested about five pounds per day and then sold to neighbors Rp 8,000 per kilogram. Unexpectedly, they are interested in buying in order to be used to make vegetable.

    The number of enthusiasts is what pushed Mandy and increasing the number of bags Tri log until the end of 2007 of 1,000 bags kumbung cultivated in the log. The result, every day they harvest up to 30 pounds of white mushrooms.

    However, the number of harvested white mushrooms that just confuses Mandy and Tri. The reason, of 30 kilograms of each day, only about 5 to 10 pounds that can be sold. The rest, piling up in warehouses, no buyers.

    That's where Tri and thought processes oyster mushrooms into chips, but not easily achieved. Experiments made oyster mushroom chips did not visit successful. "There was a soggy chips, there are not taste good," said Tri.

    Cook until the trial to-10, Tri and Mandy find the right dose. Fried oyster mushrooms with the flour was mixed with savory and tasty.

    By holding "secret recipe" that, both cooked about five pounds of mushrooms to be made chips. There are two types of chips are sold, good-quality chips sold at Rp 70,000 per kilogram. Chips, which number two sold Rp 1250 per small package.

    Oyster mushroom chips tested initially sold to neighbors, shops, and restaurants around. Initially there was resistance because as far as they know can make a poisoned mushrooms. However, after a try and secure chips, they buy it and become regular customers.

    Request flow

    The spread from mouth to mouth to make chips more known. Beginning in 2009, demand increased, but limited production of oyster mushrooms.

    "Demand is coming from outside Madison, such as Banjarmasin, Samarinda, Riau, and Madura. There are exporters of Lumajang offering my product exports. Many Indonesian migrant workers who took my chips to be sold abroad, "said Tri.

    Tri was trying to work with 11 farmers in the region Dungus mushrooms and Kresek, Madison. Mushroom farmers purchased Rp 8,500 per kilogram plus own mushroom cultivation, Tri and Mandy got half a hundred pounds mushrooms per day. Mushrooms cooked in a frying pan to produce six half-hundred pounds of chips per day.

    Chip sales turnover of about Rp 3 million per day. Net income of about 10-20 per cent of turnover, between Rp 300,000 to Rp 600,000. In fact, three years ago, earnings from selling the white oyster mushroom is only Rp 40,000 per day.

    It turned out that the amount of production that was not enough to meet demand, especially as Lebaran approached. "Demand is up 100 percent. It took a hundred pounds of white oyster mushrooms per day to meet demand. Only half of the full demand, "said Tri.

    "Budidayanya easy, cheap, and great market potential, but unfortunately not many people know this so that his hesitation cultivation," he added.

    Therefore, each time a citizen or a student comes to learn oyster mushroom cultivation, he gave lessons for free. Let more and more people want to plant oyster mushrooms. If the oyster mushroom supply was limited, the obsession to make the franchise was hampered production chips.

    He must dwell alone with his business because of the attention of Madison County Government, particularly Department of Agriculture on the development of mushroom cultivation is minimal. Actually, cultivation could increase farmers' welfare.

    "Please note the new government came when a show. We were contested by the agencies that claim to us as they built the industry, "Tri said with a smile

    Wednesday, October 14, 2009

    Fortune with cattle Geckos

    With the lure will have a big advantage, a young man named Paradise (21) in the past year has been in the business of buying and selling animals reportedly able to cure HIV / AIDS.

    "I've been in business 1 gecko. At first I just know a guy named Matt Nur, then our discussions how much can earn money. Then I heard geckos expensive, it's gone since I was looking for my geckos and sale," said Firdaus as found at his home in South Cipete Region, Jakarta, Friday (25 / 9).

    To maintain the gecko, geckos, Firdaus never admitted having difficulties. The reason is, keep geckos, he says, is not difficult. In addition, the cost of eating is also not expensive. "Livestock geckos really easy. One week we just love him to eat crickets for Rp 5000 as many as two times. This means that one week gecko eating costs Rp 10,000," he said.

    The number of geckos owned Paradise currently eight tails. Of the eight geckos had, maximum weight is 2 ounces, while the lightest 1 oz. Although business has geckos 1 year, Eden had never claimed to sell geckos with a fantastic price. The highest price ever obtained only Rp 2 million. This is because the geckos which had only a maximum weight of 2 ounces.

    "It's hard for a large gecko. Gecko large number of areas, if in Jakarta rare. At least there was little," he said. Prices vary geckos. Meanwhile, the selling price of geckos in the market, according to this man flunky, depending on the weight gecko itself. The larger or heavy geckos, the more expensive price.

    "If geckos 1-ounce size in the market down (not the price of the exporter) USD 100,000, if the gecko 1.5 ounces Rp 200,000, 2-ounce size geckos Rp 500,000 to Rp 2 million. Gecko 2.5-ounce price of USD 5 million and Rp 30 million, "he explained.

    According to him, geckos prices started to move higher if a weight above 3 ounces. Price geckos with their own weight of 3 ounces, according to him, has a price of USD 30 million to USD 100 million-an, while the gecko with a heavy 3.5 to 4 ounces of regular priced by USD 100 are also up to USD 800 million. "The price varies for each different boss prices," he said.

    Animals sensitive

    Furthermore, Firdaus said, gecko is a type of animal that was sensitive enough. Reptiles are in big lizard groups, tribes Gekkonidae, are easily stressed.

    "If taken to move from one place to another will appear. Once my friend brought back from Padang to Jakarta for sale. From Padang weighs 7 ounces. Er fit to Jakarta to be weighed down 2 ounces. It fits into people who asked understand, it's -because of stress. Even worse, my friend bring (gecko) from Tanah Abang (Central Jakarta) to the Sunday Market. Er fitted to his destination dead gecko. Finally failed sale, "he said.

    According to Paradise, geckos are animals who had always known to be a drug. Meat geckos, he said, believed many people are itching drugs. So also with the blood and bile geckos.

    "It is said that geckos bile crystals have become what could be a drug aja. That's usually when tokeknya already weighs 4 ounces. Then, geckos also said the drug could be HIV / AIDS, but I do not know my ass. Some say his blood, meat, tongue, "he said.

    Wednesday, September 9, 2009

    Business parcel Idul Fitri

    Toward the Eid holiday, the next it was all a blessing for the pengerajin parcel, as what we know from routine every holiday celebrations conducted, perhaps I can only remember that these businesses may also intensified his start today due to holiday just less than fifteen again, certainly many orders and additional income, for details and his ideas pascell you probably know that your creation is a decisive

    Saturday, September 5, 2009

    Gold fields of tuna Abon

    Starting from the penchant to eat fish in the family, Nurul Indah Khasanah (36) sparked a creative idea to open a business in the field of abon snacks. Abon is also not a fabric made of beef as long as it commonly known, but from processed tuna.

    Business capital of USD 20 million earlier this year dilakoni Beautiful since 2007. Although still whole corn, but that given the development of the business trade name, Abon Khansa Food Tuna has menggurita. Within a month, Indah now markets about 600 pounds of tuna abon worth approximately USD 72 million.

    "I was not expecting (the business) would be this big," said Indah as found in the home and place of business in Kayen, Condongcatur Village, District Depok, Sleman, DI Yogyakarta, Friday (14 / 8).

    Beautiful family of the husband who comes from Palembang, South Sumatra, which "menjerumuskannya" in this business. Of them, Beautiful studying the processing of foods made from fish, including the traditional foods of Palembang, "sambal environment" or in Java known as abon.

    From there, the business instinct Beautiful walk. He thought to sell the sambal neighborhood family favorite menu in the form of packaging. "At first I offered to relatives, neighbors, and friends. It's all good to say, "he said.

    Beautiful decided to seriously pursue this tuna abon business and began marketing it as designing the packaging and take care of business licensing to local government of Sleman, Yogyakarta. However, success is not obtained easily.

    Initially, Indah must wrestle with the rejection of traditional markets because price is highly valued products to the market of Yogyakarta, namely Rp 12,000-Rp 20,000 per 100 grams. "In addition, products of fish-based foods are also less familiar to the people of Yogyakarta," he said.

    Beautiful and desperate time trying to market to supermarkets that have a consumer dinilainya upper middle class and have been quite familiar with the food products made from fish. "After six months of struggle, I can finally received the product market," said the mother of two children.

    Currently, products are marketed Khansa Abon Tuna in 35 supermarkets in DIY. Beautiful also use an online marketing strategies via the internet site he made.

    The result, abon tuna products are also reaching out DIY success through agents Khansa Food 23. Cities that have been supplied, such as Jakarta, Lampung, Bali, Malang, Padang, Kalimantan, even to Singapore.

    From initially done manually, thanks to development efforts, the Beautiful now has four production machines abon tuna with production capacity ranges from 30-60 kg per day Working four workers.


    Types of products made is also now developing into nuggets, meatballs, and brains, all of which are still based tuna. All product, Beautiful words, do not use MSG (monosodium glutamate) or food seasoning made from chemicals.

    Indah said, he was using as a key sense abon is a blend of various spices diolahnya archipelago. "I can not mention anything because rempahnya spice trade secrets," said the woman who graduates this architecture.

    Actually, various kinds of fish can be processed into abon, but Beautiful choosing meat tuna because of the thick and easy to obtain. Tuna also have a high nutrient content because it contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 are efficacious to reduce the risk of heart attacks and improving intelligence.

    "If the fish fillet is too expensive, cork prickly fish, marlin fish hard to come by," he said. Processed tuna is not arbitrary because it must weigh a minimum of 50 kg. If the weight is less than that, the fiber would be easily destroyed when processed into abon.

    Currently, the Beautiful is still a dream to expand the marketing network all over Indonesia and abroad. With its products, he also hopes to join the movement succeed the program is encouraged to eat fish government.

    Thursday, September 3, 2009

    Support for Business qurma juice

    In a few weeks ago I posted about qurma juice business, which is enough to make a picture in the household business, on this occasion I will discuss the various benefits contained in qurma,

    Arabic proverb says, 'The many benefits to be gained from a palm tree is as much the day of the year.' In addition to food, dates used for anything else, including handicrafts, fuel, fodder, as drugs and many more.

    Benefits of dates for the treatment of disease:
    • Dengue Fever
    • Constipation
    • Increase Stamina
    • Overcoming Obesity
    • Treating Heart and Inflammation
    • Maintain Eye Health
    • Bone Growth
    • Coughing
    • Parasitic Worms
    • Improve Listening Ability

    Health problems can be overcome Dates:
    • Anemia
    • do not urinate smoothly
    • Fever
    • Insomia
    • Lack of appetite
    • Warms the body
    • Increasing the power of the brain work
    • Maintain healthy teeth
    • Colds
    • Protection against infection
    • Headache
    • Sore throat

    Medically, the benefits of dates to break the fast are:
    • Eliminating hunger instantly
    • Reduce the consumption of other foods so that the fast effective and provide benefits for health
    • Fasting aims to expel toxins from the body and dates have substance antitoxin. Thus fasting and at the same dates play a role in detoxification; membersikan body cells of toxins and heavy metals that accumulated to cause the body felt weak.

    Since: Dates are the most ideal food is easily digested. Half an hour after eating dates, a tired body refreshed. Actually hunger arise not because an empty stomach, but because the levels of sugar in the blood decreases. When the dates entered into the body, high sugar levels quickly overcome deficiencies in the blood sugar levels are.

    There is an interesting phenomenon in the Western medical world. The doctors who treat patients with fasting suggests ways to eat fruits and drink sweet water to break. Once known to contain sugar dates at most, they said that breaking the fast with dates and water is best.

    Medically, known sugar and water is the first substance the body needs after fasting. Reduced glucose in the body can cause constriction of the chest and bone disorders. While decreasing the water makes the body weak and decreased endurance. If at the time of breaking fast direct stomach filled with food and drinks, it took three hours or more so that digestion can absorb these sugars. As a result, the body still felt weak. But if breaking the fast with dates, date sugar content rapidly absorbed in the body to produce energy.

    In Arab countries, dates Ajwah given to infants weaned. Even the style of immunization practices of the Prophet is to give dates that have been refined to the baby

    Tuesday, September 1, 2009

    Creating and Business Success Donuts

    Ease donuts, will always stick in your memory. Naturally, donuts into food that meets all economic classes, both middle and top. Donuts became the international community meal. Almost in every country, there are donut seller.

    At present, many developing bakery cafes in shopping centers with an attractive appearance counter and there are always new and different products. This makes people always want to try to make the donuts as a practical food throughout the day. In addition, donuts are also presented as an easy snack served in a particular event.

    Actual donut business opportunity can be run with limited capital, without the need to reduce existing variations. This business can be run with makeshift equipment. Counter is made interesting in front of the house or business scale minimarket with a simple household. It could also leave by the donut shop or other business counter.

    How to make donuts with a variety? If you know the techniques to make the right donuts and practical, you will not be trouble. You can create a donut with a wide variety, good shape, taste, or a combination.

    Split Fortune with Kitchen Knife

    As of Wednesday (26 / 8), 47 craftsmen kitchen knives and various household appliances Tenggeles Village District Mejobo, 4 miles east of the central government orders flooded the Holy District, so most crafters put to work additional hours up to 3-4 hours / day. Or work from 07.00 am until 22:00 o'clock.

    Flood of orders, according to Chief craftsmen kitchen knives, appliances Kridho Village Taruno Wojo Tenggeles, Anis Fanani, able to increase production up to 23 percent. Likely to increase again, because based on experience of previous years, all before the first day of fasting until the next 15 days, orders continue to loose and production jumped to 50 percent. More exciting anymore cash payment he said.

    Karlani (47) kitchen knife makers added, in the last few days he produced 15 score, or 300 fruit knives of various sizes. "I just put up to Hadipolo gatherer village residents, neighboring villages Tenggeles. Then sold various regions in Java to Bali,: he said

    While he has not needed the help of labor, just handled himself with the children and wife., So that every score can achieve a net profit of at least USD 5,000.

    Production kitchen knife crafters Tenggeles, consisting of 17 types of different sizes and different functions. "For example, to slice vegetables to slicing meats. The price of our fairly Rp 15.500 to Rp 45.000/kodi. I do not know how many are sold in public markets," added Karlani.

    Anis Fanani quite often become ambassadors Midshipman Kridho Wojo, the exhibition, seminars on. Various cities in Java, the selling price is relatively low compared with China's product prices, it does not mean less quality.

    "We are playing by the market, the traditional markets to supermarkets. We are actually also able to produce special knives were expensive. While this is only a number of craftsmen who produce according to orders. One of them is still in the process of workmanship, price USD 1.5 million for a knife, "he explained.

    Originally Hadipolo Village and known as Tenggeles pande iron center, has 183 units, but because of the difficulty of raw materials, high prices and fuel prices rise, so until Wednesday (26 / 8) 47 living units. Most professional crafters turned into scrap metal scavengers

    Of these 47 business units engaged in manufacturing kitchen knives, household equipment (eg dustpan made of aluminum), followed hoes, sickles, scissors and so on.

    Head of Industry, Cooperatives and SMEs Holy, Djoko Indratmo met in his office, plans to make the village as the cluster pande Tenggeles iron. If the Village District Padurenan became cluster Gebog embroidery and convection, the 2010 budget year we will move and develop Tenggeles Village,

    According to Anis Fanani, without support from the government district that is considered holy far behind with a number of districts in Surakarta, Tenggeles village now has a cluster is the kitchen knives and household tools.

    "We really need the support of marketing and technology. For example, appropriate technology given the University of the Holy Muria, such as aluminum smelting, metal cleaning, sharpening knives, very helpful Crafters
    Eyelid surgery comes in two varieties: upper- and lower-eyelid surgery.

    Business fortunes sweetness Sari Qurma

    Each entered the month of Ramadan it is today, dates juice drinks are always in demand. Understandably, dates are identical with the Ramadan and feast day. However, make no mistake, beyond any period of Ramdhan, was the sale of palm juice drinks also never quiet. For one thing, but good, the drink is known to have many benefits. For example treatment of dengue fever and facilitate breast milk (breast milk).

    There are two types of palm juice in circulation. The first is the essence of pure palm-shaped thick like honey. Second, extract palm sugar is added as a preservative. Way of consumption just as consumption of honey or syrup. However, we should not consume too much because the stomach will be hot.

    One of the companies that do business this palm juice is Amal Mulia CV prosperous, in Bogor, which produces palm-branded drinks Al Jazira. Achmad Fauzi, Head of Marketing Honor Amal see, later, demand for palm juice is growing. In fact, the production of Al Jazira today that has reached 15,000 bottles per day or an average of about 375,000 bottles per month has not been able to meet market demand.

    Because, according to Achmad, the demand per day averaged about 40,000 bottles. Well, if the month of fasting, as now, demand could increase five-fold. "We reached overwhelmed, so that should boost production," he said.

    These spikes in demand as well as experienced CV Sehat Lestari Prima producing branded drinks Sahara dates. Abu Mohammed, manager of CV Sehat Lestari Prima, said he receives requests from agents and distributors during the fasting month this could double the demand for regular days. "Demand also rose during the pilgrimage season, because people who would not normally bother buying souvenirs from here," he explained.

    Today, the company's production capacity is around 50,000 bottles per month.

    Material constraints

    Both Sahara and Al Jazira made from raw materials imported dates from the Middle East. Standard purchase price according to Abu dates ranging from Rp 9500 to Rp 10,000 per kilogram. "The price depends on fluctuations in United States dollars (U.S.)," said Abu.

    So if the U.S. dollar is high, CV Sehat Lestari Prima choose to reduce the purchase of raw materials dates. "It's become an obstacle for us," he said.

    Types of dates used by the CV Sehat Lestari Prima is a type of red Sayer. Because the texture of red dates and Sayer hard not contain much juice. In addition, this type of dates are also not easily rot.

    Meanwhile, Al Jazira sari dates using raw materials dates of Nagel and Tunisia. Achmad reasoned, these types of dates contains lots of fiber and essence bush.

    Currently, CV Sehat Lestari Prima employs 15 employees to manage these dates juice business. Meanwhile, Amal Mulia CV of production capacity far greater employ as many as 85 employees.

    Only, although a different scale of business, markets the two companies both have extensive and penetrated other parts of Indonesia. Even Al Jazira date palm juice is also sold to Malaysia and the Philippines. Both these dates juice products can stand for one year to 1.5 years.

    In the market, the selling price of Al Jazira palm juice around 22,000 - Rp 45,000 per bottle, depending on the area of marketing. However, the factory price of around 10,000 - Rp 15,000 per bottle. Meanwhile, the price of palm juice Sahara Rp 25,000 per bottle. The factory price of about Rp 22,000.

    \ Both CV's manager admitted that the products they produce is always absorbed by the market. Pernjualan sari dates from the Sahara, called Abu Prima Lestari CV Healthy profit margins could be making 30 percent-40 percent. Both believe the business prospects of palm juice is quite large. Because, unlike the usual drinks, this product has many benefits.

    Sunday, August 30, 2009

    Home Business Ideas

    Readers, this time I bring some business ideas that can be done at home. 

    This business can be done by a housewife, as a side job or even the main job! Requirement is you have an entrepreneurial mentality as this is the critical success factors your business! 

    Here are some business ideas and business opportunities. 

    1. Running a website or web-based business. No! You do not need to be an expert in the web! You also do not need to know much about computers or how to run the website. All the things that you can learn in a short time. The key is to identify what you are good at, what activities you enjoy and open opportunity to make money from activities that you have. 

    2. Writing articles for other websites. Again, do not need special skills. You do not need to be a writer who is recognized to begin. You also do not need to excel at writing, you could have grammatical errors in writing but does not prevent you to make money from your activities! 

    3. Sell - Sell the product. There are websites that support these activities .. ever heard of eBay or QCL - you can sell and buy a collector item or items of value to people in need. 

    4. Convert hobby or skill into a business (from home). Some examples: 

    - Genealogy 

    - Pet Grooming / minding 

    - Pottery / Painting / Other Craft Work / Teaching Craft Classes 

    - Knitting, Needlework, alteration Services 

    - Baking / Cooking / Cooking Teaching 

    - Recording / Editing / Archiving of Photos / Music / Video 

    - Child Care, Teaching / Tutoring 

    - Reading (proofreading) 

    - Languages (translating) 

    Make your hobby as a source of money

    5. Other local opportunities: Apart from hobbies and skills there may be openings in your local area for a particular type of service that is not currently being met. And, the laws of supply and demand dictate that if there's no competition people are likely to be willing to pay you a high price for your services. Some ideas: 

    - House / Office Cleaning 

    - House minding 

    - Door to door leaflet / local paper / coupon distribution 

    - Window Cleaning 

    6. Virtual Assistant: This is the entrepreneur who provides administrative services, creative and technical, all the work can be done at home! Virtual assistant is a profession that is well known abroad, even in some countries, they already have a foundation of legal entities (hmm yes when Indonesia had ;-) Normally this job needs of each client who is a internet marketer. 

    How? hopefully this series can provide ideas for your inspiration!

    5 Kinds of Business for Housewife

    Dear Readers, 

    Maybe reading this blog are women who are focused on starting a business and looking for ideas for entrepreneurs at home. Business or start a business at home, especially for housewives, will feel very pleasant. At the very least, time for family is not much taken than have to work outside the home.
    Well, maybe there are some ideas that could be a profitable business. Here are some ideas, hopefully someone nyantol nih! 

    1. Decorative Candle Making Business: kalo we see in some shops in the shopping center or mall, lots of various souvenirs from the candle. Well actually the idea of this business including business idea must rely on creativity to make products. Think for making candles and seunik may adjust product theme with some events such as Birthdays, Valentine, Christmas and others. There website in good English to learn about the making of these candles, just look at Workmanship for junior fashion seems to have its own space because if you make decorative candles in the kitchen, can be messy and mixed with other family activities.

    2. Collector and Antique Trader: I think this business is prospective if indeed you loved the antiques such as batik, date money first, urns. Looks like the background of historical knowledge is also necessary because the hunt for antiques is not easy let alone assess its authenticity. At most at the beginning of your business, you will be hassle to search for the goods as inventory and after your goods are many, then you may need to increase efforts to reach more customers.

    3. Cut Flower Business: Flower cut is something beautiful and can be used as gift and can be used as decoration in every home. Well, if your hobby is gardening and enjoying the plants, do not open the cut flower business? Make your home as a sales center of flowers. 

    4. Being a writer: You are more delighted to read or deal with a laptop and write a blog or whatever, why not become a writer as well? The author of this term is generally, but specifically, the branch business of writing very much, could be a content writer, translator or a blog writer (having a blog, the money can be obtained through a variety of programs one of which paid per click.) 

    5. Business handicraft: handicraft business can be a very interesting business. Mothers may think that this could be sold handicraft wedding souvenir, for the tourism industry and others. Actually start handicraft production must have high creativity ya, and if you are creative, why not? 

    Okay first I end this post, who knows has given inspiration to the mothers at home. Thanks!



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