Monday, December 7, 2009

    The importance of establishing good relations with customers

    At home business opportunity to remind all businesses and entrepreneurs who are busy selling or serving customers without thinking about the relationship with the customer, may be useful

    Who are our Customers?

    The question may be very simple. But try to convey such a simple question to some friends you? Do not be surprised if we get a less than satisfactory answer, or answers to each other are very different we might not even get a response at all. The answer to that question is actually a picture of how far we recognize our customers.

    Return to the original question, often cause us to miss the routine of our customers recognize. We looked at only those customers who buy our product or service. We never thought the customer was a very meaningful to us, so we need not recognize.

    Let us contemplate, in the morning if there was someone who bought the service / products of our company, have we tried to find out what's his name, where he lived, what he does, what problems it faces, what we can help. If the customers who come are the employees of a company / organization, have we tried to understand about the people in these organizations, what is the organization of business, what problems and what can we do?

    Perhaps what is stated above is something idealistic, but how can we will provide good service to someone or a group of people if we do not identify with either one person or group of people who will we serve it. Therefore, in order to win / reach customers and maintained, then the first step that must be passed is to understand who and how our customers. There's an old saying in Spanish: "to be a fighter against the bulls, first you must learn to be a bull".

    there are 3 groups customers

    1. Assertive customers, which is like a direct communication, and talk faster. They do not need many words, that they need is a responsive action, and fast.
    2. Customer oriented details. Customers of this type requires a lot of information before making a decision. We must explain everything in more detail but still without even speak ill of other companies.
    3. Customers who are relationship-oriented. In this type of customer, the relationship becomes a very important thing. For this type of customer our relationship with those who said so in their decisions to buy or not.

    from the three groups on the customer type, is already clear that we as providers of services or goods can not just assume the customer come to buy and need our services, but to us who need to maintain their relationship with him for the way our efforts later on, rather than only for a moment



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