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    Home Business Ideas

    Readers, this time I bring some business ideas that can be done at home. 

    This business can be done by a housewife, as a side job or even the main job! Requirement is you have an entrepreneurial mentality as this is the critical success factors your business! 

    Here are some business ideas and business opportunities. 

    1. Running a website or web-based business. No! You do not need to be an expert in the web! You also do not need to know much about computers or how to run the website. All the things that you can learn in a short time. The key is to identify what you are good at, what activities you enjoy and open opportunity to make money from activities that you have. 

    2. Writing articles for other websites. Again, do not need special skills. You do not need to be a writer who is recognized to begin. You also do not need to excel at writing, you could have grammatical errors in writing but does not prevent you to make money from your activities! 

    3. Sell - Sell the product. There are websites that support these activities .. ever heard of eBay or QCL - you can sell and buy a collector item or items of value to people in need. 

    4. Convert hobby or skill into a business (from home). Some examples: 

    - Genealogy 

    - Pet Grooming / minding 

    - Pottery / Painting / Other Craft Work / Teaching Craft Classes 

    - Knitting, Needlework, alteration Services 

    - Baking / Cooking / Cooking Teaching 

    - Recording / Editing / Archiving of Photos / Music / Video 

    - Child Care, Teaching / Tutoring 

    - Reading (proofreading) 

    - Languages (translating) 

    Make your hobby as a source of money

    5. Other local opportunities: Apart from hobbies and skills there may be openings in your local area for a particular type of service that is not currently being met. And, the laws of supply and demand dictate that if there's no competition people are likely to be willing to pay you a high price for your services. Some ideas: 

    - House / Office Cleaning 

    - House minding 

    - Door to door leaflet / local paper / coupon distribution 

    - Window Cleaning 

    6. Virtual Assistant: This is the entrepreneur who provides administrative services, creative and technical, all the work can be done at home! Virtual assistant is a profession that is well known abroad, even in some countries, they already have a foundation of legal entities (hmm yes when Indonesia had ;-) Normally this job needs of each client who is a internet marketer. 

    How? hopefully this series can provide ideas for your inspiration!

    5 Kinds of Business for Housewife

    Dear Readers, 

    Maybe reading this blog are women who are focused on starting a business and looking for ideas for entrepreneurs at home. Business or start a business at home, especially for housewives, will feel very pleasant. At the very least, time for family is not much taken than have to work outside the home.
    Well, maybe there are some ideas that could be a profitable business. Here are some ideas, hopefully someone nyantol nih! 

    1. Decorative Candle Making Business: kalo we see in some shops in the shopping center or mall, lots of various souvenirs from the candle. Well actually the idea of this business including business idea must rely on creativity to make products. Think for making candles and seunik may adjust product theme with some events such as Birthdays, Valentine, Christmas and others. There website in good English to learn about the making of these candles, just look at Workmanship for junior fashion seems to have its own space because if you make decorative candles in the kitchen, can be messy and mixed with other family activities.

    2. Collector and Antique Trader: I think this business is prospective if indeed you loved the antiques such as batik, date money first, urns. Looks like the background of historical knowledge is also necessary because the hunt for antiques is not easy let alone assess its authenticity. At most at the beginning of your business, you will be hassle to search for the goods as inventory and after your goods are many, then you may need to increase efforts to reach more customers.

    3. Cut Flower Business: Flower cut is something beautiful and can be used as gift and can be used as decoration in every home. Well, if your hobby is gardening and enjoying the plants, do not open the cut flower business? Make your home as a sales center of flowers. 

    4. Being a writer: You are more delighted to read or deal with a laptop and write a blog or whatever, why not become a writer as well? The author of this term is generally, but specifically, the branch business of writing very much, could be a content writer, translator or a blog writer (having a blog, the money can be obtained through a variety of programs one of which paid per click.) 

    5. Business handicraft: handicraft business can be a very interesting business. Mothers may think that this could be sold handicraft wedding souvenir, for the tourism industry and others. Actually start handicraft production must have high creativity ya, and if you are creative, why not? 

    Okay first I end this post, who knows has given inspiration to the mothers at home. Thanks!



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