Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Split Fortune with Kitchen Knife

As of Wednesday (26 / 8), 47 craftsmen kitchen knives and various household appliances Tenggeles Village District Mejobo, 4 miles east of the central government orders flooded the Holy District, so most crafters put to work additional hours up to 3-4 hours / day. Or work from 07.00 am until 22:00 o'clock.

Flood of orders, according to Chief craftsmen kitchen knives, appliances Kridho Village Taruno Wojo Tenggeles, Anis Fanani, able to increase production up to 23 percent. Likely to increase again, because based on experience of previous years, all before the first day of fasting until the next 15 days, orders continue to loose and production jumped to 50 percent. More exciting anymore cash payment he said.

Karlani (47) kitchen knife makers added, in the last few days he produced 15 score, or 300 fruit knives of various sizes. "I just put up to Hadipolo gatherer village residents, neighboring villages Tenggeles. Then sold various regions in Java to Bali,: he said

While he has not needed the help of labor, just handled himself with the children and wife., So that every score can achieve a net profit of at least USD 5,000.

Production kitchen knife crafters Tenggeles, consisting of 17 types of different sizes and different functions. "For example, to slice vegetables to slicing meats. The price of our fairly Rp 15.500 to Rp 45.000/kodi. I do not know how many are sold in public markets," added Karlani.

Anis Fanani quite often become ambassadors Midshipman Kridho Wojo, the exhibition, seminars on. Various cities in Java, the selling price is relatively low compared with China's product prices, it does not mean less quality.

"We are playing by the market, the traditional markets to supermarkets. We are actually also able to produce special knives were expensive. While this is only a number of craftsmen who produce according to orders. One of them is still in the process of workmanship, price USD 1.5 million for a knife, "he explained.

Originally Hadipolo Village and known as Tenggeles pande iron center, has 183 units, but because of the difficulty of raw materials, high prices and fuel prices rise, so until Wednesday (26 / 8) 47 living units. Most professional crafters turned into scrap metal scavengers

Of these 47 business units engaged in manufacturing kitchen knives, household equipment (eg dustpan made of aluminum), followed hoes, sickles, scissors and so on.

Head of Industry, Cooperatives and SMEs Holy, Djoko Indratmo met in his office, plans to make the village as the cluster pande Tenggeles iron. If the Village District Padurenan became cluster Gebog embroidery and convection, the 2010 budget year we will move and develop Tenggeles Village,

According to Anis Fanani, without support from the government district that is considered holy far behind with a number of districts in Surakarta, Tenggeles village now has a cluster is the kitchen knives and household tools.

"We really need the support of marketing and technology. For example, appropriate technology given the University of the Holy Muria, such as aluminum smelting, metal cleaning, sharpening knives, very helpful Crafters
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