Wednesday, October 14, 2009

    Fortune with cattle Geckos

    With the lure will have a big advantage, a young man named Paradise (21) in the past year has been in the business of buying and selling animals reportedly able to cure HIV / AIDS.

    "I've been in business 1 gecko. At first I just know a guy named Matt Nur, then our discussions how much can earn money. Then I heard geckos expensive, it's gone since I was looking for my geckos and sale," said Firdaus as found at his home in South Cipete Region, Jakarta, Friday (25 / 9).

    To maintain the gecko, geckos, Firdaus never admitted having difficulties. The reason is, keep geckos, he says, is not difficult. In addition, the cost of eating is also not expensive. "Livestock geckos really easy. One week we just love him to eat crickets for Rp 5000 as many as two times. This means that one week gecko eating costs Rp 10,000," he said.

    The number of geckos owned Paradise currently eight tails. Of the eight geckos had, maximum weight is 2 ounces, while the lightest 1 oz. Although business has geckos 1 year, Eden had never claimed to sell geckos with a fantastic price. The highest price ever obtained only Rp 2 million. This is because the geckos which had only a maximum weight of 2 ounces.

    "It's hard for a large gecko. Gecko large number of areas, if in Jakarta rare. At least there was little," he said. Prices vary geckos. Meanwhile, the selling price of geckos in the market, according to this man flunky, depending on the weight gecko itself. The larger or heavy geckos, the more expensive price.

    "If geckos 1-ounce size in the market down (not the price of the exporter) USD 100,000, if the gecko 1.5 ounces Rp 200,000, 2-ounce size geckos Rp 500,000 to Rp 2 million. Gecko 2.5-ounce price of USD 5 million and Rp 30 million, "he explained.

    According to him, geckos prices started to move higher if a weight above 3 ounces. Price geckos with their own weight of 3 ounces, according to him, has a price of USD 30 million to USD 100 million-an, while the gecko with a heavy 3.5 to 4 ounces of regular priced by USD 100 are also up to USD 800 million. "The price varies for each different boss prices," he said.

    Animals sensitive

    Furthermore, Firdaus said, gecko is a type of animal that was sensitive enough. Reptiles are in big lizard groups, tribes Gekkonidae, are easily stressed.

    "If taken to move from one place to another will appear. Once my friend brought back from Padang to Jakarta for sale. From Padang weighs 7 ounces. Er fit to Jakarta to be weighed down 2 ounces. It fits into people who asked understand, it's -because of stress. Even worse, my friend bring (gecko) from Tanah Abang (Central Jakarta) to the Sunday Market. Er fitted to his destination dead gecko. Finally failed sale, "he said.

    According to Paradise, geckos are animals who had always known to be a drug. Meat geckos, he said, believed many people are itching drugs. So also with the blood and bile geckos.

    "It is said that geckos bile crystals have become what could be a drug aja. That's usually when tokeknya already weighs 4 ounces. Then, geckos also said the drug could be HIV / AIDS, but I do not know my ass. Some say his blood, meat, tongue, "he said.


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