Thursday, September 3, 2009

Support for Business qurma juice

In a few weeks ago I posted about qurma juice business, which is enough to make a picture in the household business, on this occasion I will discuss the various benefits contained in qurma,

Arabic proverb says, 'The many benefits to be gained from a palm tree is as much the day of the year.' In addition to food, dates used for anything else, including handicrafts, fuel, fodder, as drugs and many more.

Benefits of dates for the treatment of disease:
• Dengue Fever
• Constipation
• Increase Stamina
• Overcoming Obesity
• Treating Heart and Inflammation
• Maintain Eye Health
• Bone Growth
• Coughing
• Parasitic Worms
• Improve Listening Ability

Health problems can be overcome Dates:
• Anemia
• do not urinate smoothly
• Fever
• Insomia
• Lack of appetite
• Warms the body
• Increasing the power of the brain work
• Maintain healthy teeth
• Colds
• Protection against infection
• Headache
• Sore throat

Medically, the benefits of dates to break the fast are:
• Eliminating hunger instantly
• Reduce the consumption of other foods so that the fast effective and provide benefits for health
• Fasting aims to expel toxins from the body and dates have substance antitoxin. Thus fasting and at the same dates play a role in detoxification; membersikan body cells of toxins and heavy metals that accumulated to cause the body felt weak.

Since: Dates are the most ideal food is easily digested. Half an hour after eating dates, a tired body refreshed. Actually hunger arise not because an empty stomach, but because the levels of sugar in the blood decreases. When the dates entered into the body, high sugar levels quickly overcome deficiencies in the blood sugar levels are.

There is an interesting phenomenon in the Western medical world. The doctors who treat patients with fasting suggests ways to eat fruits and drink sweet water to break. Once known to contain sugar dates at most, they said that breaking the fast with dates and water is best.

Medically, known sugar and water is the first substance the body needs after fasting. Reduced glucose in the body can cause constriction of the chest and bone disorders. While decreasing the water makes the body weak and decreased endurance. If at the time of breaking fast direct stomach filled with food and drinks, it took three hours or more so that digestion can absorb these sugars. As a result, the body still felt weak. But if breaking the fast with dates, date sugar content rapidly absorbed in the body to produce energy.

In Arab countries, dates Ajwah given to infants weaned. Even the style of immunization practices of the Prophet is to give dates that have been refined to the baby


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