Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Morinda citrifolia juice business

Morning friends, on this sunny day setiya-business will tell you a little about fruit Morinda citrifolia juice (mengkudu juice) ,

Long-course fruit Morinda citrifolia is known and quite a lot of other people do not find this because properties of Morinda citrifolia is itself the fruit of a drug can be various diseases from mild illness to severe levels of disease, such as kidney failure, liver, coronary heart disease and acid urat.buah Morinda citrifolia also in the believer can lose weight

Because a lot of properties that people Morinda citrifolia processing into various products, one of them is Morinda citrifolia juice. Morinda citrifolia juice business continues to grow as more and more people are realizing benefits Morinda citrifolia juice.

which became the topic today is to learn why the Home business Morinda citrifolia juice described as alternative as an option in home enterprise,
we certainly know the importance of health and how much it costs expensive hospital care today,
with the new and breakthrough public confidence will its efficacy Morinda citrifolia fruit, our time is that taking Transitional how fruit processing and marketing of this Morinda citrifolia,as well as changes in shape and smell of fruit originally Morinda citrifolia ugly, and a bad smell, became a potent drink as a medicine,

as illustrated

One of the juice business enjoy Morinda citrifolia is Philip P. Soekirno. Employers who resided in Jakarta is selling brand Morinda citrifolia Morinda juice.

Philip went into business Morinda citrifolia juice business after his own feeling the benefits of this fruit juice.

61-year-old businessman was never suffered kidney failure, liver swelling, coronary heart disease and high uric acid. At that time, Philip's life expectancy is thin. On the advice of the family, he was diligent Morinda citrifolia juice. The result, Philip disease gradually recovered. "Now, I live a normal life without any food abstinence," he said.

After recovering, Philip learned how to process Morinda citrifolia be consumed wine. Fruit Morinda citrifolia including processed hard. Because, in the fruit there is a dangerous layer of wax. Moreover, this fruit has many seeds. "To cultivate Morinda citrifolia need room temperature about 10 degrees Celsius, so as not many fungi and bacteria grow," he said.

Having mastered Morinda citrifolia juice processing techniques, beginning in 2007 Philip started his business. Capital of Rp 250 million from the People's Business Credit (KUR), Philip bought Morinda citrifolia processing equipment and opened outlets in Central Jakarta. Initially, he could only process 200 kg-500 kg Morinda citrifolia week. At that time, turnover USD 20 million per month.

In fact Philip thriving business. Philip is now capable of processing 1 ton to 2 tons Morinda citrifolia per week. From there, Philip could have turnover of about USD 100 million per month. "Sales are good," said Philip sumringah. Philip claimed could get 60 percent margin of juice sales Morinda citrifolia


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