Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gold fields of tuna Abon

Starting from the penchant to eat fish in the family, Nurul Indah Khasanah (36) sparked a creative idea to open a business in the field of abon snacks. Abon is also not a fabric made of beef as long as it commonly known, but from processed tuna.

Business capital of USD 20 million earlier this year dilakoni Beautiful since 2007. Although still whole corn, but that given the development of the business trade name, Abon Khansa Food Tuna has menggurita. Within a month, Indah now markets about 600 pounds of tuna abon worth approximately USD 72 million.

"I was not expecting (the business) would be this big," said Indah as found in the home and place of business in Kayen, Condongcatur Village, District Depok, Sleman, DI Yogyakarta, Friday (14 / 8).

Beautiful family of the husband who comes from Palembang, South Sumatra, which "menjerumuskannya" in this business. Of them, Beautiful studying the processing of foods made from fish, including the traditional foods of Palembang, "sambal environment" or in Java known as abon.

From there, the business instinct Beautiful walk. He thought to sell the sambal neighborhood family favorite menu in the form of packaging. "At first I offered to relatives, neighbors, and friends. It's all good to say, "he said.

Beautiful decided to seriously pursue this tuna abon business and began marketing it as designing the packaging and take care of business licensing to local government of Sleman, Yogyakarta. However, success is not obtained easily.

Initially, Indah must wrestle with the rejection of traditional markets because price is highly valued products to the market of Yogyakarta, namely Rp 12,000-Rp 20,000 per 100 grams. "In addition, products of fish-based foods are also less familiar to the people of Yogyakarta," he said.

Beautiful and desperate time trying to market to supermarkets that have a consumer dinilainya upper middle class and have been quite familiar with the food products made from fish. "After six months of struggle, I can finally received the product market," said the mother of two children.

Currently, products are marketed Khansa Abon Tuna in 35 supermarkets in DIY. Beautiful also use an online marketing strategies via the internet site he made.

The result, abon tuna products are also reaching out DIY success through agents Khansa Food 23. Cities that have been supplied, such as Jakarta, Lampung, Bali, Malang, Padang, Kalimantan, even to Singapore.

From initially done manually, thanks to development efforts, the Beautiful now has four production machines abon tuna with production capacity ranges from 30-60 kg per day Working four workers.


Types of products made is also now developing into nuggets, meatballs, and brains, all of which are still based tuna. All product, Beautiful words, do not use MSG (monosodium glutamate) or food seasoning made from chemicals.

Indah said, he was using as a key sense abon is a blend of various spices diolahnya archipelago. "I can not mention anything because rempahnya spice trade secrets," said the woman who graduates this architecture.

Actually, various kinds of fish can be processed into abon, but Beautiful choosing meat tuna because of the thick and easy to obtain. Tuna also have a high nutrient content because it contains Omega 3 and Omega 6 are efficacious to reduce the risk of heart attacks and improving intelligence.

"If the fish fillet is too expensive, cork prickly fish, marlin fish hard to come by," he said. Processed tuna is not arbitrary because it must weigh a minimum of 50 kg. If the weight is less than that, the fiber would be easily destroyed when processed into abon.

Currently, the Beautiful is still a dream to expand the marketing network all over Indonesia and abroad. With its products, he also hopes to join the movement succeed the program is encouraged to eat fish government.


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